Technical Due Diligence Service


Global investors and startups


Typically 1-4 weeks depending on schedule


World wide. Both virtually and onsite


Technical due diligence · Product review · Actionable advice for roadmap · Extensive product knowledge · Better investment decisions · Prepare startups for DD

Detailed technical review

Evaluation of technical capabilities

With our service, you will receive a detailed overview of the technical capabilities of a company: we will deep dive into the product and its technical foundation. This way, we can evaluate how good the technology of a company really is - with this knowledge, you can conduct a better investment decision. To provide this service, we leverage our extensive tech and product experience we have gathered from over a decade of working in various industries.

With each due diligence, we have a clear focus on data integrity and scalability: if the data is improperly stored or exchanged, no viable business models can be built. At the end of each due diligence, we present actionable advice and guidelines on potential short term and long term improvements.

The Workflow

A typical tech DD workflow

1. Pitch deck analysis

The goal is to understand the business model and its proposition. This is the basis for the next steps allowing us to deep dive into the product and technology.

2. First team interview

Based on the pitch deck analysis we proceed with the first interview mostly focusing on product questions. This enables us to better understand the key technology concepts.

3. Technical product analysis

Based on the previous steps we prepare a list of checks and questions to go through with the team. This enables us to obtain a holistic view of the status quo of the product. This list has typically a length of 150-250 questions. Depending on the time we prioritise certain questions over others.

4. Source code deep dive

We deep dive on certain parts of the source code to double check the value proposition. This enables us to double check some of the previously asked technical questions and see if things have been implemented as suggested. Furthermore we will walk through a couple of security checkpoints to double check if things work as intended.

5. Evaluation

Based on the questions, answers and source code deep dive we score the product to highlight the good and bad parts. This way you will be presented with a short and concise overview of the key points.

6. Presentation & advice

In the final presentation we will showcase our findings and answer your questions. We will also provide the company with actionable advice on what we think should be fixed short term and long term.


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