Verivinum: A data platform
for wine and sparkling wine in discounters


Verivinum is a project by Vicosmo GmbH

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Time Period

2021 - today




Consulting Product Strategy  ⸱ Product Ownership  ⸱ Software Development  ⸱ UX and User Research

B2B Platform

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Since April 2021, we have been supporting the founders Volker and Jasmin Kettenbach in the development of Verivinum - in an advisory capacity at the strategic level as well as in the technical implementation.

Verivinum is a data platform for wine, sparkling wine and wine-related products in discount stores and will be extended to food retail in the future. The visionary software is intended for use by wholesalers, wine retailers and producers.

Since 2017, wine and sparkling wine products have been recorded with up to 40 characteristics. The database now includes over 25,000 product samples and 100,000 photos. With Verivinum, the supermarket shelf becomes digital and accessible from anywhere.

what we did

Consulting & Software development

Product Ownership

We take over classic product ownership tasks for Verivinum, i.e. prioritization of pending tasks, backlog maintenance, sprint planning, review of ideas and requirements, bug management, etc.

Software Development

We support the continuous optimization and further development of the service-oriented software architecture. New features are implemented in Python backend services and Angular frontends.

Product Strategy Consulting

Together with the founders Jasmin and Volker Kettenbach we work on the business plan, pricing models and go-to-market strategies.

UX & User Research

Verivinum is further developed together with beta customers. To this end, we conduct user testing and user conversations to obtain actionable insights that complement the founders' wealth of experience. User-centric product development is our focus.

Since dyve has been supporting us with our digital project, we are making much faster and more targeted progress. Dyve thinks along with us, understands our idea and independently makes suggestions for implementation. The implementation is very professional and the code quality is excellent.

Volker Kettenbach
Founder Verivinum

The platform

What was previously a prototype is being put on its own feet: Verivinum has been available to customers since February 1, 2023. With access to the platform, customers secure valuable insights.

For example, market participants can be monitored digitally and price developments can be tracked historically. In the 'News' section, customers can find out what's new in the discount stores on a weekly basis - the supermarket shelf becomes digitally accessible.

In product development, we closely involve customers in the process so that the platform is developed in line with their needs.

We are delighted to be part of this process and to be driving digitization in the wine and sparkling wine industry. Sounds exciting? Find out more about Verivinum here.


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