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Consulting and workshops · MVP · Continuous optimisation · Software development · Platform integration · Technical product management

grow together

A success story
from day one

troodi is a partnership project of the heart: together with troodi's sister company, the consultancy for human resource and organizational development CONTRACT, we developed the first MVP in 2019. Since then, we have been a permanent technology partner and feel like a real in-house tech team.

We carry the technical management for the entire platform. This allows troodi to fully focus on their core competencies: personal and professional growth.

what we built

Tailor-made software development

Cloud-based deployments

We use modern cloud architecture for our systems, utilising automatic deployments on all test-, staging- and production-pipelines. Remotely managed, easily scalable and residing on European servers - ensuring a hassle free configuration of secure environments minimising time and cost.

Service-oriented architecture

We orchestrate both, custom implementations, and external services specialised on their specific domain. In this way we are able to provide a platform with an excellent learning experience without reinventing the wheel.

State-of-the-art JavaScript Frontend

Our user-facing responsive frontend is built on latest JavaScript technology, utilises reactive state-management. We strive to deliver the best user experience possible on every device!

Robust and fast backend services

The e-learning backend is all about efficiency - both in runtime and development. That’s why we run fast and reliable backend services - separated by context.

Headless CMS integration for e-learning content

Troodi can focus on content not on difficile template-management and layout. Therefore we introduced a headless CMS which integrates seamless with our architecture.

Mobile app for offline video access

We also provide a native App for iOS and Android based on Flutter and fully integrated with our service architecture. Preload learning content and watch it wherever you need to without being bound by your network’s reception or wifi availability.

The team thinks along with us and identifies tangibly with our product.

Philip Schwidetzki
Managing Director troodi
bright future

A new era begins

Since 2021, we have been combining both worlds together: digital learning programs are enriched with classic coaching sessions. Welcome troodi HYBRID!

We are developing the MVP together again. Within only six weeks coachees can use the new troodi HYBRID. Sign up now for your very own learning process and enjoy a free course. troodi makes us all grow.


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