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Software Development · Product Management Consulting · Continuous Optimisation and Feature Development

Legal Tech

The legal future is digital

Nominandum develops a modular suite of LegalTech products that enable lawyers to work with modern methods and state-of-the-art technology. From deadline calendars to file management and enforcement, these modules individually or collectively replace existing solutions or complement them with much-needed technological advancements.

We were brought in at the beginning of 2022 to develop a module of the Legal Suite: a digital cost calculator for paralegals. At the same time, we take on the role of product management consultancy to assist the founders in product development.

what we did

Consulting & Software development

Product Management Consulting

Nominandum can count on our active support: Our 12+ years of experience in product development are used to iteratively design the new module according to the target group, needs and together with the primary persona.

Software Development

In order to seamlessly integrate the new software into the existing infrastructure, Angular was chosen for the technical implementation. We work in weekly sprints and thus adapt new findings. Optimisations and features are implemented step by step. As a result, the cost calculator can be installed as a desktop app (PWA) so that it can also be used offline - an important need of the target group.

Continuous Optimisation and Feature Development

After the first prototype tests, it turns out that the planned cost calculator needs to be further developed in a different direction. How exciting! Product development just the way we like it - because iterations are part of the journey to a user-oriented product.

The ideal mix of contextual sparring, technical implementation and transparent work at eye level makes dyve the right partner for us. We look forward to all follow-up projects!

Antonia Pape
Co-Founder Nominandum GmbH
Hello 21st Century

of legal advice

Lawyer software on the pulse of law firms - the basis for next-level software. Founder Nikolai Klute is a lawyer himself and drives the transformation of legal advice beyond the boundaries of his law firm.

With Nominandum as a legal suite, there are numerous modules for law firms and LegalTech Companies. In the background, the modules feed different AIs with data to better manage legal workflows and enable high-level process predictions.

We are happy to be part of the movement!


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