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Farbfox GmbH & Co. KG

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Time Period

2021 - Today




UX consulting · UX concept · B2B platform development · Continuous optimisation · Full Stack software development from scratch · Support in recruiting new team members

Tech & UX

We develop a digital B2B platform from scratch

Farbfox was founded in 2021 by the companies Dörken and Diessner from the industry for the industry as an independent company. Previously, the idea of building a platform for the painting trade was evaluated together with the partner Axel Springer hy.

The B2B platform farbfox.de connects painting companies with their well-known dealers, so that material procurement and construction site planning can take place online.

We were commissioned by Farbfox to rethink the entire platform: from the usability concept to the completely new technical architecture. Farbfox.de is supposed to stand on its own feet and together with the Farbfox team we are facing this fantastic task.

At times, four of us developers are involved, Christine as UX designer continuously. We are quickly integrated into the internal team, which also works partly remotely. The collaboration is close, friendly and enriching for both sides.

Additionally, we support Farbfox in building up its own tech team and are involved in recruiting processes.

what we built

Tailor-made software development

UX Concept & Wireframes

Until our assignment, farbfox.de was based on Uppler's technology. Our mission is to redevelop farbfox.de and put it on its own technical feet. We start with a new UX concept and scrutinize every existing detail: what was useful, what was irritating, what are possibilities for improvement? With the help of existing users we rethink the whole platform.

Full Stack Development

Using the latest version of Ruby on Rails and the innovative Turbo framework, we have created an application that combines the modern and interactive usability of SPAs with the integrity of classic MPAs.

Dealer integrations

In cooperation with Farbfox we have built up connections to different ERP systems of external traders in order to make the stock, prices and further details of the offered articles visible on the platform at any time on the most current state customer-individually.

Product Information Management (PIM)

To manage the product master data, we have set up a PIM (Akeneo) that is maintained by Farbfox employees in the background. Crucial product features such as images, names, descriptions and data sheets are synchronized directly with the Farbfox platform.

Without dyve and their great, passionate, impactful and trusting team effort, we would not have been able to go live with a highly customized, complex product in a very short period of time.

Michael Schiller
Farbfox GmbH & Co. KG
bright future

The painting industry goes digital

The B2B platform for painters and traders is just the beginning of a great movement: the digitization of an entire industry.

Disruptive ventures inspire us. We are proud to have played our part in building farbfox.de and to be part of this movement.

From summer 2022 on, we will only accompany sporadically and watch the platform grow.


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