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Time Period

Since 2022

What we do

Shopify Shop Development · UX and Product Management · GitHub data analysis · Printing service integration

our own project

The story

Originally, the project was devised by our colleagues Wolfgang, Matthias and Mischa.

Codeprints was created because we were looking for geeky art for our home-offices, but everything we found was lacking personality.

So we had the idea to bring open source contributions into the physical world. We think that data is beautiful and that nerdy decorations lighten up mornings in the office.

what we built

Leveraging smart SaaS solutions

Shopify as a store front and backend

We chose Shopify to power our Codeprints store. This enabled us to focus on the development of our products and rapidly implement a custom theme.

Analyzing GitHub contributions

We developed and open-sourced a tool (written in Rust) to analyze GitHub repositories. Public GitHub profiles serve as the basis for our user-focused prints.

Gelato: prints on demand

Our printing partners (connected through Gelato) produce our custom Codeprints in more than 100 locations worldwide. We pick the production location closest to you and therefore reduce shipping distances and carbon emissions, making the products more environmentally friendly.


Giving back to the community

With hundreds of satisfied customers, we are happy to contribute to the community by celebrating the art of coding. We want to put a smile on the developer's face.

Join the community now and order your personalized Codeprint - for yourself or even for your whole team. You deserve to be proud!

The print quality is great and delivery was quick. Looking at my poster motivates and reminds me I should consume less and create more.

Andy Grunwald
Happy customer

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