#1 Technology

Enthusiasm for Tech

Being digital natives we believe in technology and digital transformation as driver for real improvements. For us, creating digital products is a passion - independently from the industry that we are working in.

#2 Responsibility

Responsibility as a Need

We believe that purposeful work can only be achieved when we can take over responsibility for our work, our company and ourselves. Understanding and solving problem spaces is a need for us - not a duty.

#3 Purpose economy

Steward Ownership

We believe in the principles of the purpose economy and implemented the legal structure of steward ownership. Our company should not have any owner other than ourselves - the team is the company. Our profits are meant to get reinvested in the things we believe in - not earnings for external shareholders.

#4 New work

New Work

We are pioneering 100 % remote culture successfully - because we are convinced of its significant benefits. We believe in a healthy team and work environment - personal growth and development is more important than short term monetary benefits and forced company growth. We enable the team to pursue hobbies and live a more fulfilling life.

Steward Ownership

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