Our heart beats for tech.
We are curious, enthusiastic and open-minded.

This is Us

At home in the digital

We are true Digital Natives. We think agile, innovative and take great pleasure in everything technical. Our enthusiasm means we are always on the lookout for the latest methods, tools and ways of thinking. Our aspiration ensures that we select the best from the latest.

Elias Saalmann

CEO & Software Engineer

Christian Semmler

Software Engineer

Philipp Meißner

Software Engineer

Christine Prechsl

UX Designer & Product Manager

Kai Birkenstock

Software Engineer

Andreas Wörle

Software Engineer

Julian Frosch

Software Engineer

Anh Vu Nguyen


Nina Hackenbroich

Software Engineer

Tun Keltesch

Software Engineer (Working Student)

Kathrin Soodman

Team Assistant

Marian Theisen

Software Engineer

guiding principles

What drives us

We don't like buzzwords. Skills, curiosity, being open-minded and down to earth are more important to us. Our passion for everything digital is intrinsic and doesn't need exaggeration.

We are pragmatic and visionary.

Visions are shining stars that inspire us and towards which we are heading with our customers. Along the way, we make pragmatic decisions together. Stormy waters and sudden gusts of wind are solvable challenges.

We strive forward and for excellence.

Beauty, growth and excellence play a big role in our daily work. We love beautiful code and beautiful products that enrich the lives of users and are always on the hunt for novelty. We think great digital products make the world a little bit better.

We love complexity and make it simple.

We love to dyve deep and truly understand facts. We translate complex code into beautiful user experiences. Simplicity is the answer to our complex world.

We combine business with tech.

As founders ourselves we know what counts in the end. A beautiful digital product needs to fulfill business criteria as well. That's why we always have the greater vision, profitability and efficiency of our customers' projects in mind.

We love remote work.

We have always worked remotely. There has never been a classic office. And we love that. Joint team calls, updates and annual in-person meetings ensure closeness and belonging. At the same time, each:r retains the freedom and flexibility, focus and concentration of remote work.

We value longevity and sustainability.

Long-term partnerships are our favorite. At the same time, it gives us the greatest pleasure to accompany new business ideas into the world and then let them move into uncharted waters. Sustainably developed and placed on a solid technical foundation are, of course, both.

About us

We are digital experts.

Our team from all over Germany will support your project regardless of location. We work remote, think globally and have regional roots.

Software made in Germany - our promise of quality.


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