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A fresh look at your digital product

We believe that digital products are only good if they solve real user needs in the most intuitive and simple way possible.

It's easy to get lost in possibilities, to produce 'feature overload' or to fail to clearly communicate the core value of a digital product. Operational blindness is only natural - and this is where we come in.

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The objective view from an external perspective is extremely valuable for us.

Julian Galinski
Senior Product & Portal Manager, GeraNova Bruckmann Verlagshaus GmbH
aspects of great ux

We focus on these aspects

  • First impression

  • Ease of Use

  • Ease of Use

  • Structure and Navigation

  • Consistency and Standards

  • Information Architecture

  • Content, language and wording

  • Design

  • Optimization for mobile devices

  • Accessibility

  • Performance

  • Bugs & Errors


Our experience

We are experts in software and product development and can look back on many realized products during the last almost 15 years.

We always have the user and his needs in mind. That's why UX reviews are elementary for us: the fresh view from outside brings new perspectives, confirmation for known challenges and can greatly improve the quality of digital products.

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Christine Prechsl

Campaign Lead
UX Designer

the process

How it works.

1 Send us a link

Send us a link to your digital product: This can be a mobile app or a website or any other software product.

And if there is no link, please write to us anyway. We are looking forward to it!

2 We do the review

We get to work and check your digital product for all UX aspects. We take about 30-45 minutes for this.

3 You receive a .pdf

You will receive a concise .pdf document with all the facts, ideas and suggestions that have come to our attention for optimizing your digital product.

We are also available for a personal discussion in a video call.


Frequently asked questions

How does the UX Review work?

Simply send us your request including a link to your digital product by email to or use the form above. We take about 30-45 minutes for the UX Review.

What do I get?

After the review, you will receive a detailed .pdf via email with concrete suggestions, tips and hints for optimizing your digital product. Free of charge, as promised. We are also available for a personal review in a video call.

Why do you offer it for free?

Quite simply, because we enjoy it. We love making digital products more user-friendly and contributing beyond our existing projects.


Expert opinions will benefit your product significantly

"The types of usability issues found in an expert review vary from those that would be uncovered during a usability study, which is why combining these methods results in the best overall design."

Nielsen Norman Group


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